I'm Dodd Caldwell
I write Mini-Sagas (stories told in exactly 50 words).
I write one almost every day and usually publish 3 days a week.
These are my Mini-Sagas.

Wet Nurse

It wasn’t socially acceptable, even back then. Most mothers stopped breastfeeding when their child started teething, but she still hadn’t weaned him and he’d already lost his two front teeth. You can’t blame her though. It was the only way she would be able to see her little Moses grow.

Bullied, With a Twist

He’s bullied like other kids, just with a twist. It started at his family’s new home, which had never been his. He didn’t ask to be the first child born on the first Mars colony. When they returned to earth, he just wished his classmates would stop calling him “Alien.” 

Not My Proudest Moment

For the last 5 minutes of my summer job, I was on the toilet. When it didn’t flush, I tried again. Not only did it overflow - the water wouldn’t stop running. As the water crept from under the bathroom door, I panicked and snuck out, never to be seen again.

A Mummy’s Life

Mummies weren’t always that way. They lived like us. They played in mud as kids. They made love to their spouses. They didn’t expect to star in movies. They didn’t expect to be displayed in museums. They didn’t know their existence would be reduced to the price of a ticket.

Calm My Storm

Oh, Christ, what’s going on right now? Can’t you feel the waves come crashing down. Can’t you hear the thunder all around? I try to wake you but you don’t ever make a sound. I hope you’re enjoying your ambien nap right now. Don’t you know I’m about to drown?

Close Enough

One summer an NFL linebacker rented the house next to my parents. We hadn’t actually seen him though. Finally, one morning a giant walked onto his porch. I yelled out loud, “Now THAT is a beast of man!” Upon closer look, I said, “Actually, that’s his grandmother wearing a moomoo.”

Red Wine Kisses

Here I sit on your sinking sofa. Biding time till that pregnant pause. The nape of your neck in my rough hand. Your fresh-washed hair cascading down. My calloused fingers against your soft skin. Eating a chocolate dome as you ramble on. In anticipation of your red wine kiss.

The Last Organic Artichoke Farmer

The corporations had taken over, making every artichoke another widget from their machine. John Henry challenged them to a sales competition. They won. His artichokes went unsold. The public preferred to consume the corporate poison. He sold his farm, God rest its soul. His artichoked heart couldn’t take any more.

Richie Rich

When Richie Rich was a boy he just wanted to be like other kids. When he became a teenager, he discovered being the only child of the world’s richest man has its benefits. He gave up trying to fit in and used his money and status to pick up chicks.

The Saddest Astronaut

I’m hiding under these pillows today. It’s not easy when they all float away. There’s a world down there I don’t want to face. There are problems that haven’t gone away. Up here my tears don’t fall or carry weight. Sad astronauts just want to stay in space. 


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