I'm Dodd Caldwell.
For 2.5 years, I wrote a Mini-Saga almost every day.
Minisagas are stories told in exactly 50 words.
I usually published 3 days a week. These my Mini-Sagas.
Discover what I learned through the process.

Hope or Hurt

Winston said if he never stopped building, he’d never die. He built dams and bridges and buildings that shined. After he passed, his wife continued his work, thinking maybe it would keep his memory alive. What kept her building was either hope or hurt but she couldn’t tell the difference.

Business Meeting

As he started into his pitch, a booger hesitantly peeked out of his nostril and gently nestled in his moustache. It then tumbled into his goatee before falling onto his chest and finally resting between us on our table. It was the longest 20 minutes I’ve ever spent at Starbucks. 

The Last Conversation

I was living a continent away on Mother’s Day, when I called to say hey. She wasn’t there so I called on Tuesday. An hour after I told her, “I love you too,” my brother called. My grandmother had died and my words were the last that she ever heard.

Locked Up In Angola

I spent forty years in solitary. I ate six slices of bread a day. I was innocent but I was there to stay. I turned eighty and they let me out today. I want to give my heart to something. But there’s nothing left after Angola prison stole my soul. 

I Played It Cool

We’d kissed for a minute, then she giggled. One of my mustache hairs went up her nostril. She said she’d never kissed a guy with a beard and it tickled. I watched her reaction to see if that meant it was as good for her as it was for me.

The Shot Heard Around the World

People long ago rarely heard loud noises except for thunder or volcanos. They couldn’t create deafening sounds with rock concerts, jet engines, or bulldozers. That changed one day in China when General Shizong fired the first cannon. He felt a sense of pride over nature after he lit the fuse.

The Worst Orphanage

I’d visited enough children’s homes to know when something wasn’t right. So, when I walked inside, the first thing I noticed was none of the kids looked me in the eye. Those kids had been abused their whole lives. I learned that day what angels with vanquished faces look like.   

The Tourist of Panama

He tucked his compass-print button-up short-sleeve shirt into his cargo shorts, an elastic waistband ensuring they’d stay put. His feet yearned for freedom from behind socks and leather sandals.”Where I can buy authentic souvenirs?” he asked. “I’m not from around here.” “You don’t say,” I replied. 

It Is A Marathon

They say slow and steady wins the race - the tortoise beats the hare. They say it’s not a sprint - it’s long distance. Well, I pray I’m near the finish line. I’m ready to capture the prize. My faith is fading; my will is weak. I’m ready to win your heart.

Knock, Knock Said the Stranger

Evan left his phone at home and programmed his laptop to post to Facebook while he was gone. He slipped out by foot, unnoticed, body shaved, no skin exposed. After the elderly stranger answered his knocks, Evan suffocated her to death, then left. Committing perfect crimes makes him feel alive. 


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