I'm Dodd Caldwell
I write Mini-Sagas (stories told in exactly 50 words).
I write one almost every day and usually publish 3 days a week.
These are my Mini-Sagas.

Dum Spiro Spero

Laurie’s mother was born and raised in South Carolina. She was proud of that fact, but not much else. Certainly not anything about Laurie. Laurie’s mother quoted the state motto, right before she took her last breath. “While I breath, I hope,” she said. Then Laurie smothered her to death.

The Easiest Fish I Ever Caught

I heard a “splat” then saw a mackerel on the asphalt just feet behind me. I looked up and saw the osprey that dropped it. Two bald eagles were in hot pursuit. I grabbed that fish before either could snatch it. And that’s how I ate mackerel for lunch yesterday. 

Not As Harmless As He Appears

I used to eat so much Cap’n Crunch I’d get sick to my stomach. Then I learned the captain’s history - a pirate who massacred seaside villages, then murdered his crew. Now Cap’n Crunch makes me sick to my stomach because behind his endorsement deal, I know he’s hiding the truth.

The First Artist

He was the first man to be dumped. He had to express how he felt. No one had ever experienced his pain. No one understood the hurt from all his broken plans. The first man to be dumped became the first human ever to paint cave walls with his hands.

A Rodent’s Wisdom

Everyone wanted to dine with the king - receiving favors, and power, and desiring to see and be seen. Clyde had a different perspective. He asked no favors or power and preferred imperceptibility. Clyde was a mouse who knew when your cravings seem so readily available, there’s always a trap underneath.

Spafford’s Song

"It is well," he said, when everything was wonderful. "It is well," he said, when his fortune burned in the flames. "It is well," he said, when his children died before him. "It is well," he said, when others would’ve renounced hope. "It is well," he said, "with my soul."

I Lost My Chance

My friend emailed a photo of a girl he wanted me to date. She was cute, save one rotten tooth. I declined. When I later saw her in person, her smile was perfect. I looked at her photo again and realized it had just been a spot on my screen.

Adam Sandler or Arnold Schwarzenegger

It was a great daydream. I had modern military equipment and was transported back in time during an ancient war. I kicked butt and ruled an empire. I decided to turn my daydream into a screenplay but never got started. I couldn’t figure out if it was action or comedy.

ShowBiz Pizza Revelation

He sat at ShowBiz Pizza watching the robotic bear bang the cymbals - every move premeditated with precision years ago by an algorithm. Their eyes met. He thought, “That Bear has the same desperate stare as I have in mine.” He walked into his family business the next day and resigned.

Samson’s Lesser Cousin

He had beautiful hair he could’ve let grow but wasn’t blessed like his cousin Samson. He was still endowed with a certain power though - if he wanted he could always outwit his foes. He stayed a dullard all his life. The catch was he could never cut his toenails.


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