I'm Dodd Caldwell
I write Mini-Sagas (stories told in exactly 50 words).
I write one almost every day and usually publish 3 days a week.
These are my Mini-Sagas.

Nothing Appetizing About It

I milked a cow for the first time yesterday. I used to dream of my own farm, drinking straight from the udder every morning. But with the smell of urine and steaming patties by my side, and my hands cramped from squeezing, I learned some dreams are best left asleep.

Till I Stumble, Till I Fall

Baby, it’s like you love to hurt me. With every conversation, you load hurtful labels upon me. So, consider me your pack mule, baby. Keep packing those labels on me till I can’t take anymore. You know I’ll keep coming back for more. I guess I love each labels’ source.

Comfort At The Children’s Home

Some kids in Violet’s care remember their parents. Some don’t. Memories or not, every child wants to belong. So when they wake up crying at night, Violet opens up the album she made for each one. They flip through photos from before they arrived, back when their parents were alive.

Terror In The Depths

I jumped into the murky water, not quite sure what lay below. I swam fast towards the boat where my friends waited, then felt something brush against my leg. I reached down and placed my hand on something even more frightening than I expected - my iPhone in my swimsuit pocket.

The Beekeeper

The old beekeeper told me there was a certain poetic beauty in harvesting honey. As he was waxing eloquent, a bee stung him on the cheek. I asked if it hurt. “Nah,” he replied while trudging back from the hive. “It’s the unexpected stings that make me appreciate the sweet.”

Marshall Pickens

Her husband brought her flowers every morning in the facility, just like he’d done every morning for their first 50 years of marriage. He’d promised to stay with her “in sickness and in health, till death do us part,” and wasn’t going to let her mental illness tear them apart.

Invisaligns Aren’t Always Invisible

Whenever I ate, I’d remove my Invisalign braces and put them in my pocket. There I was at a swanky art gallery, talking with wealthy patrons. I reached into my pocket and my braces accidentally popped out, falling to the floor. The patrons stared awkwardly but didn’t say a word.

The James Complex

"Your brother would’ve been able to do it," they’d always say. James lived his life in the shadow of his older sibling - the doctor, vintner, speaker, craftsman. James went to his grave with a complex. It’s not easy growing up with a big brother who’s also the Son of God.

Self Insured

Sarah and Maria were single mothers saving every penny together to make the exact same purchase. Neither wanted to have to spend the money first. They saved together for encouragement. They saved together because each one knew the disease they had was terminal. They saved together for each other’s funerals.


I looked at images of how humans appeared in 2014. Evolution changed us in the last 5,000 years. We’ve adapted to the sterile environments we find ourselves in. I appreciate that my orifice filters trap germs and keep me from getting diseases. But I wish we could still grow beards.


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